Episode 4 – Live Free or Twi-Hard

In this episode, Pris and Lara talk heteronormativity,  toxic masculinity, and racial stereotypes in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. Just the basics--so much Shovel Face, Vanilla, and ... ALL.THE.STARES!!! #SupersizedToxicMasculinity #TrashHollywoodTropes #ProblematicPopFeminism

I Rewatched “She’s All That” as a Semi-Adult Woman and I Have Some Strong Feelings

🎶 Kiss me, beneath the beaded barley ...na na na...something ... green green grass....swing me...beneath the silky twilight...🎶 Crushed it. By Pris M. ❤  @PrisMMartinez As an awkward kid, I was all about the teen rom coms. And, She's All That was one of my faves. Y'all I owned this as a VHS. And I played it pretty... Continue Reading →

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