Episode 1 Teaser is Now Live

Hold on to your butts! Our Episode 1 Teaser is Live. [Drum roll Please] The topic for our inaugural episode is the politics of Shonda Rhimes's Grey Anatomy  Season 14.  Shonda has stepped up to the plate this season and is batting a 1000. [flame emoji--still don't know how to insert emojis in WordPress]. We are... Continue Reading →

Sup, Doubters! Our Podcast is a GO!

(Squeee] Live from Las Vegas! We have officially launched our podcast! And hopefully what happens in Las Vegas DOES NOT STAY in Las Vegas. Bienvenid@s! Listen to our introduction to the podcast! ❤ Pris & Lara

Yes, this is still happening–

We actually ARE working on launching the podcast! Stay tuned for updates!  Lara and I are putting our grant writing skills to good use and applying to a Women of Color in Podcasting workshop with Spotify!!! So keep your fingers crossed for us and give a shout out to whatever deity, spirit, or empty void... Continue Reading →

We’ve Got Mail!

Whoop Whoop! Our podcast e-mail is up and running. E-mail us topics in academia, pop culture, Xicanx, etc. that you would like us to discuss. Holler at us at WeShouldBeWritingPodcast@gmail.com

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