44 Thoughts I Had While Binge-watching Supernatural, Season One

By Pris. M.  @PrisMMartinez

So I have been wanting to watch CW’s Supernatural for YEARS, but I confess that my younger 2005 self just wasn’t ready for ALL THAT [makes swirly hand motion]. The urge to watch it again struck in 2009, but once again my naive, younger self thought my heart only had room for one pair of brothers—and I went all in on the Salvatore brothers. I have many regrets about going all in on The Vampire Diaries—mostly Elaina Gilbert—but never Damon. No, never Damon. Anyways, I started binging on Supernatural when I was super sick in January, and I finally got to finish the season today as I worked on a conference presentation. I know muy fancy!

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Yes, this is still happening–


We actually ARE working on launching the podcast! Stay tuned for updates!  Lara and I are putting our grant writing skills to good use and applying to a Women of Color in Podcasting workshop with Spotify!!! So keep your fingers crossed for us and give a shout out to whatever deity, spirit, or empty void you Vulcan mind-meld with for us! (But seriously–we need this!)

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