Episode 4 – Live Free or Twi-Hard

Pris and Lara discuss heteronormativity, toxic masculinity, feminism, and racial stereotypes in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. You know, real softball stuff. Lara’s t-shirt reads “Dig on me, Shovel Face”. Pris’ t-shirt reads “”#TeamJacob but NOT for Bella. He deserves Better.” Kiko’s t-shirt reads “Leah is my homegirl”.

Hosts: Pris M. & Lara G.

Summary: In this episode, Pris and Lara talk heteronormativity,  toxic masculinity, and racial stereotypes in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Just the basics–so much Shovel Face, Vanilla, and … ALL.THE.STARES!!!

Show Notes:

  1. Bad Lip Reading of Twilight: Click here for all the laughs!
  2. Honest Trailers’ Take on Twilight: Click for all the stares!
  3. The Guardian article Lara references: Click for full article Here
  4. Is Bella an anti-feminist hero?: Stephenie Meyer on Feminism

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