Episode 3 – Jesus (Please) Take the Wheel

Episode 3 - Jesus (Please) Take the Wheel
In this episode, Pris and Lara relive the blissful days of summer with this road trip deep cut. Sure, the sound is off BUT aren’t all road trips mildly annoying? It’s so worth it. Even Ghost Kiko is here for it.

Hosts: Pris M. and Lara G.

Summary: In this mini-sode, Pris and Lara share a deep cut of their epic road trips in Texas for Summer 2018. While the sound quality isn’t the best, the duo’s discussion of Texas dos and don’ts is well worth a listen–even Ghost Kiko gives her blessing. So strap in and join us on a trip down memory lane and check out our recommendations.  Tag us on all the socials as you listen along @AnnieWilkesClub (Twitter) or @WeShouldBeWriting_Xicanas (IG)  #AnythingForSelenas  Equis out!

Show Notes: 

  1. Podcasts mentioned in the show: The Read (http://thisistheread.com/) and My Favorite Murder (https://www.myfavoritemurder.com/). The Selena episode is Episode 32.
  2. New Braunfels Recommendations: Black’s BBQ (https://www.blacksbbq.com/new-braunfels) and Buc-ee’s #22 (https://www.buc-ees.com/locations.php)
  3. Corpus Christi Recommendations: Pier 99 (http://www.pier99restaurant.com/); Selena Museum (https://q-productions.com/); and the Selena Memorial (http://www.visitcorpuschristitx.org/see-and-do/1373/selena-memorial-mirador-de-la-flor-overlook-of-the-flower)
  4. Houston Recommendations: Houston Museum of Natural Science (http://www.hmns.org/); Kasra Persian Grill (https://www.kasrapersiangrill.com/); Neil’s Bahr (https://neilsbahr.com/); Poison Girl Cocktail Lounge (https://www.facebook.com/Poison-Girl-Cocktail-Lounge-35173892321/); and Mai’s Restaurant (http://maishouston.com/)
  5. Waco Recommendations: Chuy’s Tex-Mex (https://www.chuys.com/locations/texas/waco) and Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria (http://morosopizzeria.com/)
  6. Austin Recommendation: Clay Pit Restaurant (https://www.claypit.com/)
  7. San Antonio Recommendation: Magnolia Pancake Haus (http://www.magnoliapancakehaus.com/)

Whew! That took a moment. We aren’t sponsored by any of these, but if y’all are offering—hit us up!

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Opening Music: “Born Ready” by Flex Vector  (from http://www.FreeMusicArchive.org / Creative Commons License). Sound clips from FreeSound.org (“open-close-door” by pixelrem/ “keys-setting-down” by vintage2005/ “whiskey” by funkapache/ “Comic bakery” by Novellia Pippa/ “cockroach loop” by zagi2/ “hold on” by shawshank73), Creative Commons License. 

❤ Pris, Lara, & Kiko


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