Episode 02: “Twenty Questions”

WSBW Podcast Ep. 02: Twenty Questions
Lara and Pris play an extremely extra game of twenty questions. Questions range from childhood smells to what’s dividing the nation today.

Hosts:  Pris M. and Lara G.


In this episode, Pris and Lara really get to know each other and lay their souls bare with a completely “EXTRA” game of twenty questions. Questions range from childhood smells to what is keeping our country apart—but have delicious common denominator of oversharing. Listen and join in on the fun with us on social media with your own answers! Screenshot, tag, comment, and re-share! Equis Out!

Twitter: @AnnieWilkesClub  IG:@WeShoudBeWriting_Xicanas

Show Notes: Twenty Questions

  1. What is your first/favorite George Lucas production/film, and why? (5:36)
  2. If you could be any supernatural being, what would you choose to be and why? (14:17)
  3. If you had to describe it, what is your relationship to the moon? (21:12)
  4. One has to go— Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, or Sophia? (26:05)
  5. Do you consider yourself to be a competitive person? Why or why not? (31:26)
  6. If your childhood had a smell, what would it be? One good one and one bad one? (36:30)
  7. What is your idea of a perfect day? (46:30)
  8. One has to go— Arya, Sansa, Lady Mormont, or Brienne?  (55:49)
  9. What about Korean dramas do you enjoy so much, and how do they differ from telenovelas?    (1:00:51)
  10. If you built a Disney Squad of three characters—one is your ride or die, one is your frenemy, and one is your unrequited secret crush—who would they be? (01:10:15)
  11. What actually scares you the most? Something that you haven’t shared with anybody, and it can’t be a joke. (01:15:33)
  12. What irrational fear did you have as a kid and have you gotten over it now? (01:17:52)
  13. What’s the musical relationship that you have with people in your life? (01:21:24)
  14. One has to go—Paris, Emily, Lane or Ms Patty (01:31:00)
  15. Why did you want to do this podcast? (01:34:50)
  16. What is something that is completely weird, but you totally love to do? (01:43:35)
  17. What is keeping our country apart? (01:46:50)
  18. What isn’t a TV channel, but totally should be? (01:54:54)
  19. What is your narrative of how we met? (02:00:46)
  20. There are two types of people in the world—what are they ? (02:12:10)

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Opening Music: “Born Ready” by Flex Vector  (from http://www.FreeMusicArchive.org / Creative Commons License). Sound clips from FreeSound.org (“open-close-door” by pixelrem/ “keys-setting-down” by vintage2005/ “whiskey” by funkapache/ “Comic bakery” by Novellia Pippa/ “cockroach loop” by zagi2/ “hold on” by shawshank73), Creative Commons License. 



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