Episode 01 – “Into Shondaland”

Ep. 01: "Into Shondaland"
Custom Artwork by Priscilla Martinez for our first official episode. Album art features our reactions to the episode complete with Lara’s frustration with Kepner lovers and my shock at Texas drivers—with and added bonus of ghost Kiko who was there with us in spirit. We hope you enjoy!

Hosts:  Pris M. and Lara G.


Lara and I (Pris) have finally recorded our first episode! Se corré y se va con Grey’s Anatomy—of course, because, let’s be honest, Shonda Rhimes was almost everyone’s first Prime Time ABC TV bae.  So join us critically-engage with some of Season 14’s most memorable episodes as we discuss issues of domestic violence, gender, sexuality, #MeToo, U.S. immigration policy, DACA, and #AbolishICE.

Show Notes: 

  1. The Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series is “Staton 19”. ps/Here’s the IMDB page—https://m.imdb.com/title/tt7053188/
  2. Episodes discussed in this episode from Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 are the following: Ep. 09 “1-800-799-7233”; Ep. 10 “Personal Jesus”; and Ep. 19 “Beautiful Dreamer”.
  3. Here’s the Vulture Article that Lara discusses in the episode:


Opening Music: “Born Ready” by Flex Vector  (from http://www.FreeMusicArchive.org / Creative Commons License). Sound clips from FreeSound.org (“open-close-door” by pixelrem/ “keys-setting-down” by vintage2005/ “whiskey” by funkapache/ “Comic bakery” by Novellia Pippa/ “cockroach loop” by zagi2/ “hold on” by shawshank73), Creative Commons License. 

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❤ Pris, Lara, & Kiko

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