5 GIF Movie Reviews: “Ocean’s 8”

By Pris M. ❤ @PrisMMartinez

Spoiler-free and contextless–basically going against my historian’s training. Hold on to your butts!


1. Wow, after that opening sequence department stores and Sephora’s everywhere just revamped their security. #Secuuurity

2. Cate Blanchett, I’m pretty sure, is a vampire. How can she look so amazing? 🎶I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen🎶 Also, if I had white girl hair, you best believe I’d be all up in them bangs.

3. Are we absolutely sure zombies aren’t real in this universe? I’m kind of waiting for them to be real. Like a faked death for tax purposes?

4. I’ll just leave this one here–

But, seriously, how was that not a two exit situation?

5. Loved the cast, but I wished there was more backstory. These women are badasses–let’s dig deeper.  Just because they are all female leads doesn’t mean delving into their character development outside of the heist will make it an unsalvageable Lifetime movie. I want to be wined AND dined!


The Verdict: Definitely worth a watch to see all these cool women share the screen. It’s a diverse cast and the heist is imaginative. It just needed more backstory to really make these women pop. You assembled the crew, but I want to know more about them and how they grow as a group of friends and colleagues. I hope they make a second one and really spend time developing the characters. Gah! I could have used more cowbell!

What did y’all think? Tell me in a GIF!

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