5 GIF Movie Reviews: “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

By Pris M. ❤  @PrisMMartinez

Yes, these will be spoiler free. I’m not a monster–intentionally–

1. Yaaasssss! Can we just agree that Woody Harrelson needs to be in every franchise series ever? K. Thanx. I mean, look at him. Total Babe.

2. I mean, a Crimson Dawn is really just a poor man’s Black Sun. Now, a Black Sun stand alone film I am totally here for! A Prince Xizor played by a Winston Duke— ✨magic✨

3. Edna Mode obviously never met Lando Calrissian. Never felt so jealous of a cape before–

4. Yaaasss QUEEN! L-3 is the strong female lead we have actually been waiting for!

5. Han Solo, who that?

The Verdict: I came for Han Solo, but I stayed for the supporting cast that is pure magic. It’s alright, Han, we will always have Ann Crispin’s Han Solo Trilogy. Now, excuse me while I read/ write some Tina-worthy erotic friend fiction of  Lando and L3.

What were your thoughts in a GIF? Leave us a comment below!

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