Our Apple Podcast is now live!

Whoop! Whoop! Our Apple Podcast has been submitted and approved! Click the link below to view and subscribe! CLICK HERE to View and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Don't worry Android users, we are also available on Soundcloud! CLICK HERE to subscribe on SoundCloud!

Episode 1 Teaser is Now Live

Hold on to your butts! Our Episode 1 Teaser is Live. [Drum roll Please] The topic for our inaugural episode is the politics of Shonda Rhimes's Grey Anatomy  Season 14.  Shonda has stepped up to the plate this season and is batting a 1000. [flame emoji--still don't know how to insert emojis in WordPress]. We are... Continue Reading →

Sup, Doubters! Our Podcast is a GO!

(Squeee] Live from Las Vegas! We have officially launched our podcast! And hopefully what happens in Las Vegas DOES NOT STAY in Las Vegas. Bienvenid@s! Listen to our introduction to the podcast! ❤ Pris & Lara

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