44 Thoughts I Had While Binge-watching Supernatural, Season One

By Pris. M.  @PrisMMartinez

So I have been wanting to watch CW’s Supernatural for YEARS, but I confess that my younger 2005 self just wasn’t ready for ALL THAT [makes swirly hand motion]. The urge to watch it again struck in 2009, but once again my naive, younger self thought my heart only had room for one pair of brothers—and I went all in on the Salvatore brothers. I have many regrets about going all in on The Vampire Diaries—mostly Elaina Gilbert—but never Damon. No, never Damon. Anyways, I started binging on Supernatural when I was super sick in January, and I finally got to finish the season today as I worked on a conference presentation. I know muy fancy!

Spoilers Ahead! (although I am not sure I need to. We are sooo late to the game. At this point, we deserve what we get.)

    1. How are these kids not traumatized? (S1, E1)download
    2. Like, if I saw this—- I would never be normal again. Just what? This is the first scene you give us, CW, really???? Okay, it’s your show. (S1, E1)
    3. Wait, so Dean is Sam and his brother is Dean?  (S1, E1)
    4. If I am being honest Sam will always be Dean from Gilmore Girls and Dean will just have to be Dean Winchester
    5. Oh, man, Justin Bieber hair should not be worn on anyone over the age of 16 (S1, E1)
    6. Wowza, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is way too attractive to be a Dad. #DILF  (S1, E1)
    7. So they built up Jessica as the light in Sam’s life only to snuff her out (pun unintended)? That’s cold-blooded, CW. Damn.  (S1, E1)cold snow GIF-downsized_large
    8. Oh my gods, that was just the first episode? What am I in for here?
    9. Why would you automatically trust two random, albeit good looking, White guys? That’s how you get murdered.  (S1, E2)
    10. Oh, sure, let’s all go camping in the woods—in the dark—with no plan whatsoever? (S1, E2)
    11. Creepy children! Nope. NoPe. NOPE. (S1, E3)run away snow white GIF-downsized_large
    12. Seriously, can I skip this episode? On a scale of 1 to 10 how crucial is this to the overall storyline? (S1, E3)
    13. Earlier in the day: “Oh, wow, I love all the mirrors in this space.” After “Bloody Mary” episode, “Oh, gods, I never noticed how many mirrors are in the house. You know what, I’m good—I don’t need to see my reflection for the rest of my life.” (S1, E5)
    14. So I really REALLY would have been fine without watching that skin-peeling montage (S1, E6)
    15. But then, a world with two Deans might not be so bad [wriggles eyebrows] (S1, E6)
    16. Okay, fine, so one of the Deans was a psychotic serial killer. So a hard—Maybe??? (S1, E6)
    17. Alexa, add to my shopping list a box of rock salt. (S1, E7)
    18. I’m glad the Indigenous spirits drove off the encroaching White, settler-colonial cookie-cutter development. (S1, E8)sean connery win GIF-downsized_large
    19. But, like, are we sure this kid isn’t a burgeoning serial killer? No? He just REALLY likes bugs? Okay, if you say so. (S1, E8)
      surprised kenan thompson GIF-downsized_large
    20. Ooof, the scholar in me is uneasy about how easily the writers leaned into these Native American tropes. Let’s put a pin in this (S1, E8)
    21. Nope. Nope. Nope. When a creepy monkey toy starts up all of a sudden you GTFO with a quickness. (S1, E9)
    23. So, you and your family have almost been killed by a malicious poltergeist then by a fire demon and you are like, “I still like the house. I’m keeping it no matter how traumatizing it will be to my kids” Girl, nah, you cray. (S1, E9)

      real housewives no GIF-downsized_large

    24. That asylum is creepy as hell. Girl, you need to break up with this guy immediately. Who takes dates to 19th century sanitariums? You know, besides me—(S1, E10)
    25. What does privilege look like? Two upper middle-class White twenty-somethings running away from home and hitchhiking because they are bored (S1, E11)
    26. Yeah, if I saw a scarecrow that looked like that I would run away then curl up into a fetal position for the rest of my life. (S1, E11)
    27. Oh, snap, the whole town, huh? That’s like Catherine Coulter’s The Cove (S1, E11)
    28. Creepy Driver: “What do you have there, sweetie?”
      Creepy Woman: “A Pocket Chalice—for blood sacrifices on the go.” (S1, E11)
    29. I guess, you SHOULD fear the Reaper (S1, E12)


    30. Wow, a White supremacist ghost truck circa 1960 terrorizing  a black community? You went there Supernatural—but also was this foreshadowing post-2016 United States? (S1, E13)
    31. Yikes. Just, Yikes. (S1, E15)
    32. Great. A shadow who rips out people’s hearts? (S1, E15)
      cool andy samberg GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine-downsized_large
    33. Yeah, Basic Rules of Survival #2, never EVER keep old family portraits from people not related to you. Rule #1: you especially don’t keep said creepy 19th century portrait under your roof after it was present at, at least four murders. (S1, E19)
    34. I mean who looks at this picture and is like, “Yeah, I’m going to drop ten grand on this because I NEED this in my home. Look how stunning this is.” THEY ACTUALLY USED THE WORD ‘STUNNING”——MORE THAN ONCE!!! Girl, are you serious? Nah, sorry, you brought this on yourself. (S1, E19)
    35. Was that a mausoleum  filled with old dolls encased in glass that are made from human hair?!?!!?! Well, that’s it. I am never peacefully sleeping for the rest of my life. (S1, E19)
    36. Huh, I guess having sex with vampires is necrophilia 🤔 I need to rethink my love for True Blood… (S1, E20)
    37. Meg is, like, the worst archenemy name (S1, E21)
    38. Sam, babe, that hair though. This is like being slapped by my middle school years. At this point, I kind of prefer the JTT down-the-middle part. (S1, E21)
    39. Awww, Denny, no!!! #DILF down! (S1, E21)
    40. Demon possessions! 😱😱😱 [rocks back and forth on the floor]. My Exorcist PTS is being triggered. (S1, E22)
    41. Soo allll of a sudden Bobby knows all the answers 😒smh. Where were you the whole season, Bobby??! I call foul! (S1, E22)
    42. Yeah, as terrified as I am, I’m with Dean on this one—the demon squatter has to go! (S1, E22)
    43. Alexa, add holy water to my shopping list. —You know what, A? Add another two boxes of rock salt just to be safe. (S1, E22)

      awkward jay z GIF by Complex-downsized_large

    44. [Gasp] They Derek-ed them before Derek! (S1, E22).

Verdict: I am going to keep watching. I’m intrigued by the Winchester Brothers, but I don’t think this is going to be a “binge” show—which is good for my mildly-addictive personality and my overall workflow. I am mostly in it for the amazing-ness that is  Dean Winchester. Seriously, how are folks even conflicted about which brother is the one worth going all in for?

On a more serious note, the academic in me sees some kind of messed up visuals when it comes to supernatural lore how that is raced. Episode 2:”Wendingo” about an Algonquain mythical creature preying on White hikers (though I am not sure which specific peoples this particular Wendigo was from), and Episode 8: “Bugs” about the Native American curse placed on a White real estate developer’s new subdivision especially raised red flags for me. I am going to put a pin in this, however, because I think Indigenous representations in pop cultures is really something Lara and I have to deep dive into on the show. We’ll just say that stereotypes of Native peoples have remained relatively unchanged since the early-nineteenth century.  And, that is very much intentional and perpetuated by our settler state to erase and dispossess Indigenous communities. Really heavy stuff that sadly no one outside of Indigenous activists ever really talk about, which is a real societal problem. On a lesser note, the characters of Sam and Dean and their mobility also raises some important points about the ways in which White heroes are given access and space to be heroic. It brings to mind the whole “stranger at your door” critical race problem. Who is it that you invite in, and who do you perceive as a threat? Definitely food for thought. I am going to have to force Lara to watch these particular episodes with me for her input. I’m already watching Season 2—

❤ Pris

What were your thoughts? Are you Team Dean or Team Sam? Did some episodes raise Red Flags for you too? Let us know! Tweet us @AnnieWilkesClub or leave a comment on this page! Abrazos!

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