Episode 4 – Live Free or Twi-Hard

In this episode, Pris and Lara talk heteronormativity,  toxic masculinity, and racial stereotypes in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. Just the basics--so much Shovel Face, Vanilla, and ... ALL.THE.STARES!!! #SupersizedToxicMasculinity #TrashHollywoodTropes #ProblematicPopFeminism

Episode 3 – Jesus (Please) Take the Wheel

Hosts: Pris M. and Lara G. Summary: In this mini-sode, Pris and Lara share a deep cut of their epic road trips in Texas for Summer 2018. While the sound quality isn't the best, the duo's discussion of Texas dos and don'ts is well worth a listen--even Ghost Kiko gives her blessing. So strap in... Continue Reading →

Episode 02: “Twenty Questions”

Hosts:  Pris M. and Lara G. Summary:   In this episode, Pris and Lara really get to know each other and lay their souls bare with a completely “EXTRA” game of twenty questions. Questions range from childhood smells to what is keeping our country apart—but have delicious common denominator of oversharing. Listen and join in on the... Continue Reading →

Episode 01 – “Into Shondaland”

Hosts:  Pris M. and Lara G. Summary:   Lara and I (Pris) have finally recorded our first episode! Se corré y se va con Grey’s Anatomy—of course, because, let’s be honest, Shonda Rhimes was almost everyone’s first Prime Time ABC TV bae.  So join us critically-engage with some of Season 14’s most memorable episodes as we discuss... Continue Reading →

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